About Kowalik Family Chiropractic


All members of the staff are competently trained and well-versed in their responsibilities. Ours is a teamwork approach. We believe the patient deserves individual attention to his or her particular need. Dr. Kowalik, the Staff, and the Patient, work together to achieve this goal.

Gentle Care

Dr. Kowalik is called on to provide care for patients of all ages. Children are the easiest to help, for their spinal problems are not long-standing, and therefore respond quickly. There is no age limit on those who might benefit from Chiropractic care, and many patients come with long-standing problems that other healing avenues have not been able to help. In many cases like these where patients find relief, it is due to Chiropractic treatment of the cause of the problem rather than its effect.

Family Policy

Ours is a family practice and we are always honored to be chosen as the family Chiropractor. If another member of your family requires care, please feel free to bring this to our attention and discuss it with us. We do ask that the spouse of a new patient be present during the initial Report of Findings. This often saves time as questions about care and procedures can be answered to everyone’s satisfaction.

Chiropractic Inclusion In Insurance

Our staff is well trained in all aspects of insurance regulations and are ready to help you understand and utilize your insurance coverage, whether it be private insurance, group plan, medicare, workers compensation liability or med pay for injuries suffered in auto accidents.

Our Location

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